Welcome to St. Joseph Church

On behalf of our parish community, I am pleased to welcome you to the St. Joseph Catholic Community! We love visitors and are always happy to receive new members! Our website is one way that we provide helpful information to both visitors and parish members alike. I hope that you will find our website helpful to you!
As Christ's disciples, we believe that God has given us many gifts and talents, which are evident by the activity and presence of our parishioners. Our community has been blessed by those who gone before us and laid the foundations of our parish. Now, in this day, we are working together to build a strong future for our parish. The groups, ministries, and people you see throughout these pages reflect not only our present, but our future. I invite you to be a part of that future!

We welcome you to St. Joseph and hope that you will enjoy your visit with us and look forward to a day when you might join us in prayer.

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If I, or any other member of the Parish Staff may be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to call (440.238.5555) or email any member of the Parish Staff. We'll do our best to assist you!


May the Lord bless you and your family,

Father Joe Mamich


Our Mission Statement

We, the Parishioners of the Catholic community of St. Joseph Church, are a people of God, blessed by a diversity of gifts to carry on the work of Jesus Christ. We commit ourselves to be a Eucharistic people gathering to worship and praise God. We commit ourselves to be an apostolic people enabling each person to grow spiritually, so that each can invite others to know the Good News of Jesus Christ. We commit ourselves further to use our time, talent, and treasure in serving each other with a caring spirit, reaching out to the needs of our families, our Parish and our community.

Our Family

It's just an incredible, unique, environment here that I had not found at other parishes. I feel like anytime I need my parish it's there for me.” — A new parishioner