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Bishop Perez's Letter on Sexual Abuse Bishop Perez's Letter on Sexual Abuse
June 21, 2019

That the evil of clergy sexual abuse of children has occurred in the Church is a fact that rightly provokes anger, shock, and profound sadness.  In an effort to do justice to those who experienced this type of abuse and to protect others from future harm, the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland has, since April of 2002, published on its website the names of those diocesan clerics who were removed from ministry from 2002 through the present as a result of sexual abuse of a child.  Expanding on that effort, Bishop Perez announced in October of 2018 that this information would be compiled in a list format and supplemented with the names of any other diocesan clerics who were removed from ministry as a result of sexual abuse of a child or who is already deceased or no longer in ministry for any reason and against whom has been made a substantiated allegation of child sexual abuse. The complete and updated list, along with Bishop Perez's letter, is available HERE. St. Joseph Parish continues to support all those who have been vicitimzied and encourages all of us to continue to pray for the victims of any form of abuse.



SummerFest 2019 SummerFest 2019
July 28 - August 3, 2019

Sunday, July 28th 
Annual Parish Picnic
Come for Noon Mass with the Praise Team
Stay for the fun until 5pm
Featuring live music, food and games for all ages
Would you like to help at the picnic?

Wednesday, July 31st
Youth Altar Servers' Picnic
5:30-7 pm
Parish Ice Cream Social
7-8:30 pm
Family Movie Night 
8:30 pm

Saturday, August 3rd
15th Annual Parish Golf Outing
Briarwood Golf Club
Click here for more information!



Message to Our Graduates Message to Our Graduates

Congratulations! This is the month when many are graduating. Whether you are graduating from high school, grade school, college or graduate school, we would like to extend congratulations to you. Particular good wishes go to our parish school's eighth graders. Graduation - at any level - marks a time of accomplishment and looks forward to things to come. Please remember to pray for all of our graduates.



15th Annual St. Joseph Golf Outing 15th Annual St. Joseph Golf Outing
Saturday, August 3, Briarwood Golf Course

Join us for our 15th Annual Parish Golf Outing at Briarwood Golf Club on Saturday, August 3th. There will be a Shot Gun Start at 9 am. This outing is open to both men and women. For a Registration Form follow this link. All proceeds from this year's event will benefit the Women's Outreach Ministry, St. Joseph's Heritage Scholarship Fund and the Feeding Our Family Ministry.  



We have an app for that! We have an app for that!
The St. Joseph Mobile App

Late last year, we unveiled a mobile app for your smartphones! Featuring daily prayers and Mass readings, an electronic Rosary, a Prayer Wall, information and contacts for our ministries and staff, access to our bulletins, our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, our free app is available by clicking on the icon on the left. Please be sure to download it, share it with your friends, and stay connected!